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Guide to organising a successful event

For a moment the team didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was the morning of the Annual Forum, the pinnacle event of the year. We had planned every last detail meticulously. All the guests had arrived and the grand room was decorated to perfection.

We had a problem, though. Our keynote speaker was having an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction: his trousers had completely split!

You might be wondering what this story has to do with event organising.

Well, to make sure an event goes smoothly, there are lots of things you can plan in advance. But there are some things that, to pardon the pun, you just have to tackle by the seat of your pants!

Luckily for the gentleman in question, we were in central London and he had just enough time to nip to the shops and buy himself a new pair of trousers. The delegates were none the wiser.

To ensure your events don’t come apart at the seams, we’ve created a handy guide and an interactive PDF checklist for organising successful events.

With this tool, your team can plan impactful events that will help your business connect with current customers and new contacts.

As always, if you find yourself short of time, our marketing and event experts are on hand to help.


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