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Guide to building strong relationships through email and direct mail campaigns

Whether personal or business relationships always need nurturing and marketing can be a little like old-fashioned courtship. First you ask to get to know people (requesting their contact details via social media, using website forms, at events, or through other campaigns). Then you keep in touch and nurture those bonds, before a commitment is made.

In our experience, to build the best business relationships you need to stay in touch. After all, when a contact needs your services, who are they going to choose: the business that kept in touch and sent them useful material regularly, or the one that asked for their details ages ago, but never contacted them?

Be Bold clients who communicate regularly with their contacts have not only built strong bonds, they’ve increased their bottom line. Read our handy guide to building great relationships with your contacts.

Our email and direct mail guide will help you and your team develop and nurture valuable business relationships.

If you need a little help creating engaging communications, our marketing experts are at your service.


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