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Make the most of social #hashtags

Many social platforms automatically highlight all hashtags, allowing users to click on a hashtag and be given a feed of public content using that tag. This makes it simple to search for similar content online and provides users with an easy way to join the conversations they are most interested in.

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is a word or even a phrase that begins with a hash sign (#). It’s used on social sites, allowing messages to be identified as discussing a certain topic.

Where to use hashtags

Various social media platforms support the use of hashtags including:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook have not caught on like they have on other social sites. A study from EdgeRank Checker shows that there may even be some decrease in reach when a Facebook page or post uses hashtags. But, as with all studies and general recommendations, you should do your own testing to see what works for your business. Try an experiment where you add one or two relevant hashtags to your posts during a week. Then have the same number and type of posts the next week without hashtags and compare your reach and interaction.

Why use hashtags

Hashtags have become a way to show your post is specifically about #something instead of just a post where “something” is mentioned in passing. They are a great way to learn about #something or to start a conversation around an event or topic.

If used in the right way, hashtags can be an important part of your social marketing strategy, allowing you to reach beyond your followers to people that share interests or may be looking for your services.

Are you making the most of hashtags to increase your social media exposure?

Hashtags can be one of the most powerful ways to take part in the wider digital community on social media. The increase in engagements on tweets with hashtags has been measured to be between +50% and +100%.

Using the right tags will help you reach a wider social media audience. Essentially, hashtags act as a multiplier of your work.

How to write a hashtag

Hashtags must start with a hash sign (#), and they cannot contain any punctuation or be made up of just numbers.

Hashtags on Twitter ignore capitals so #TOPIC is the same as #topic. With this in mind, you can make multiple-word tags more readable by starting each word with a capital, for example:

#welovesocial = #WeLoveSocial

#getsocial = #GetSocial

#socialmedia = #SocialMedia

Whether you want to increase sales, grow your following or become an authority figure in your industry, hashtags can help you accomplish your social media goals. To find out more, email us today at contact@bebold.co.uk.