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Guide to making your adverts simple, but significant

Here at Be Bold, we’re big fan of the fictional world of Mad Men. In one particularly memorable episode, Don Draper pitched his “Pass the Heinz” campaign to Heinz execs.

These three print advert concepts were meant for 1960s consumers, when the series was set, but it seems Don’s ideas were ahead of their time.

In 2017, they were used on billboards and in magazines across the US. Anselmo Ramos, chief creative officer, at Heinz believes the concept works just as well now as for the 1960s consumer.

Why? “It’s so simple,” he said. “Don did a great job. This is just 100 percent on-brand positioning.”

So what can we learn from this Mad Men campaign? Let’s keep our advert concepts simple, but significant to our readers. For more tips on setting up targeted advertising and PR campaigns, read our guide.

With this guide, your team can plan adverts and PR campaigns that really resonate with your audience.

If you’d like some fresh ideas for your advertisements or PR campaigns, our marketing and design experts are only too happy to help.


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